Shotgun Microphone Rode Videomic GO Black Camera Assembly


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Shotgun Microphone Run Videomic GO Black Camera Mounting

While most built-in camera microphones capture the sound of all Directions, Videomic Microphone of Rode uses a supercardial polar pattern to focus the sound in front of it while attenuating the sound of the sides and the back. Its active electronics and directional condensing element provide more detailed audio than microphones normally found in cameras and portable recorders, making it suitable for mobile journalists, vloggers and hurry-running gunmen.

Brand: Run

Product Color: Black

0.5 “/12.70 mm Diaphragm

Supercardiid Polar Standard

frequency range 100Hz to 16kHz

maximum spl 120 dB spl

output connectors (analog): 1 x 1/8 “/3.5 mm TRs

Cable length 7.87 to 13.78 “/20 to 35 cm

Dimensions: 79 x L: 167 mm

Weight: 73 g

Warranty: 90 days

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