Pocket Camera 4K Body Blackmagic


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Pocket Camera 4K BODY BLACKMAGIC featuring lightweight body and compact design, Blackmagic’s 4K pocket features 4/3 sensor, 13 -point dynamic range, up to 25,600 native ISO for excellent resolution and enhanced performance, Even in low light environments, the five -inch screen can enable the easy framing of your photos, and you can still count on external controls for quick access to essential functions. Specifications: 1 x Mono speaker Dynamic Range: 13 Native ISO Double Stops: 400 and 3200 Screen Dimensions: 5 ”1920 x 1080. Video standards: HD, Ultra HD Lens Assembly: Active MFT Assembly. Storage Temperature: -20 ° to 45 ° C Operating Temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C Screen Type: Capacitive Touch LCD. Effective Sensor Size: 18.96 mm x 10 mm Lens control: iris, focus and zoom on compatible lenses. Items Included: Camera Pocket 4K Charger Energy Cable Guarantee: 90 Days Conditional Sale The existence of product in stock.