Panasonic Lumix DMC-G95D Passonic Camera


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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G59D Digital Camera is designed to enable excellent image captures and 4K 24/capture capture 30P, in addition to the pre-installed Vlog-L and registration features with 12 dynamic range stops for maximum editing freedom. Send video 4: 2: 2/8 bits to an external monitor simultaneously during recording; The live view compound mode allows us to compose a single image among many, adjust the focus after shooting and external microphone/headset connectors allow you to record and monitor the sound using external equipment, ie a perfect camera for you to Focus on your creativity; , 3 MP

Venus Engine Image Processor

Video UHD 4K30P, V-LOG L Preinstalled

5-axle sensor stabilization; Dual is 2

OLED Vision of 0.74 x 2.36 m Points

Dimensions: 3.05 x 5.14 x 3.69 in.

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Warranty: 90 days

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