Om System om-om-mirrorless digital camera 12-40mm black


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OM System om-Mirrorless Digital Camera 12-40mm Black Lens

The om System om-1 camera is an emblematic mirrorless camera built for adventure, offering quality of quality Image, portability, speed and reliability; Characterized by its versatile Micro Four Thirds platform, the OM-1 blends fast and agile photo performance and proper 4K video recording with exclusive computational image tools and a resistant and reliable physical design; The newly projected Micro Four Thirds Live MOS Sensor of 20.4 MP features a stacked BSI design that offers improved reading speeds, noise levels and greater dynamic range than previous designs. This sensor structure improves noise performance at two stops and the dynamic range at a stop to improve image quality, especially in higher isos;

Capture Type Photos and Video

Micro Four -Third Lens Mounting

Real Sensor Resolution: 22.9 Megapixels

Type Sensor: MOS 17.4 x 13 mm (four thirds)

JPEG Image File format, RAW

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless 2.4/5 GHz

Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.6 x 4.6 in.

Weight: 1.42 lb

Warranty: 90 Days

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