Instant Camera Instant Mini 11 Fujifilm Pink


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Instant Camera Instant Mini 11 Fujifilm Pink

Lighter and compact than the previous version, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 features a more rounded and comfortable design, allowing for better fitting. Around the lens there is a different material from the rest of the camera’s body and two accessories, with which you can change the appearance of the shutter button according to your preferences. The instant photo revelation time is approximately 2 minutes. How about using the photos in personalized gifts, decoration, murals, organization of environments and other infinite possibilities? Get inspired by these ideas. View: Real Image Localizer, 0.37x, with target point;
Focal distance: 0.3 m to infinity (selfie mode: 0.30 to 0.50); ​​
Programmed electronic shutter 1 / 2 to 1/250s.
Slow synchronization for low light
Exposure control: Automatic, lv 5.0 to 14.5 (ISO 800);
Movie ejection: Automatic
Effective 0.3 m flash range – 2.7 m;
Compatible movies: Fujifilm Instant Movie – All “Instal Mini” line; br /> automatic shutdown time: 5 min
Items included:
instax mini 11
1x custom accessory for the firing button
1x handle strap
2x batteries AA (1.5V)

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