Digital Camera Fujifilm X100V Silver


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Mirrorless Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera is a significant evolution compared to previous models. Among the advances are the 23mmf2 recently projectable lens using two aspherical lens elements, improved hybrid display, climate resistance and a new double inclination LCD monitor, as well as a variety of other updates. Using the state-of-the-art x-trans sensor CMOS 4 retroiliminated, which reduces fake noise and colors, and X100V x-teacher 4, professionals and photography lovers gain an easy-to-use tool and, at the same time extremely sophisticated, capable to provide high image quality in photos and videos. Climate resistance first appears in the X100 series when the AR-X100 adapter ring and the PRF-49 protection filter (optional accessories) are attached to the new X100V lens. In addition, it has a new double -slope -sensitive LCD screen, a novelty to the series, offering intuitive touch controls and giving even more possibilities for photography lovers to frame and create images. The highly improved hybrid display of the Mirrorless Fujifilm X100V digital camera enables a quick and easy choice between 0.52x optical expansion display (OVF) or 3.69m OLED electronic display to make your images. The Mirrorless Fujifilm X100V digital camera offers the professional the ability to record 4K videos of up to 30 frames per second or capture 120 frames per second by 1080p, so it is possible to create slow supercime effects. Sale or promotion conditioned to the existence of product in stock.