Cinema Cinema Blackmagic Pocket 6K G2 Only Black Body


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Cinema Cinema Blackmagic Pocket 6k G2 Only black body

The 6K G2 Cinema Pocket Camera is the latest Compact Camera Super35 to join the Blackmagic Design series. This Cine Style camera has the same 6K S35 sensor, recording features, dynamic range, interface ports and controls that 6K Pro, but combines some features to create a more affordable format. 6K Pro inherited features include a 5 “tilting touch screen LCD, Pro EVF options, and battery handle, two mini-xlr audio inputs, an NP-F570 L battery slot and Gen color science science 5 Updated.

mark: Blackmagic

Product Color: Black

Canon EF lens mounting

Sensor 23.1 x 12.99 mm (Super35) CMOS

SIM lens communication, with automatic focus support

Effective sensor resolution: 21.2 megapixels

wireless connectivity Bluetooth control

Electronic obtura type type

dimensions 17.98 x 12.29 x 11.2 cm

weight 1.20 kg

warranty: 90 Days

post time: 5 business days after receipt of order.

estimated delivery time: 35 days